Mrs. Betsy McLean

Most of life has been spent around catholic education.  I graduated from Little Flower and McGill Toolen. After graduating from University of South Alabama, I taught at Our Lady of Lourdes. After a year at Lourdes, I began teaching at St. Pius X and have been here ever since. 

My husband, Eddie and I know the the sacrifices and commitment it takes for a child to receive a catholic education. Our three daughters graduated from SPX, and are doing wonderfully at Southern Miss and McGill Toolen High School thanks to the love and instruction they received..

I am grateful for the opportunity to instruct your chilld.

Edible Cells

Pep Rally

On Friday, the third graders had a blast at the first pep rally of the year. Our soccer players were introduced, and the cheerleaders lead us in cheers.

We made signs and noisemakers, and we even painted SPX on our cheeks. The third graders won second place in spirit1


Planting Lettuce

Today the students added lettuce to their class garden. Pine straw was added to the beds. The students noticed that the bell peppers had BLOOMS!

National Milkshake Day

The class began a unit on data collection and graphing. The students surveyed 40 people and recorded the data in a tally and frequency table. Then a web program  was used to generate a graph. After sharing graphs, the students walked to Burger King for their favorite flavored milkshake. 

Cutting Basil with Mrs. Brenda

The class went to the garden with Mrs. Brenda to cut basil. Mrs. Brenda plans to use the cut basil in the spaghetti today.

New Technolgy

Mr. Brandon installed the Benq. The students have enjoyed using the interactive board.

Planting in the School Garden

The students enjoyed planting sweet red bell peppers, banana peppers, and green bell peppers.

The class will walk across daily to check the plants progress.

Planting Peppers and Basil

Who knew that a cell could be made from cookies, icing, Mike and Ikes,

 and a Hershey kiss.

Festival of Flowers

Our class attended the Festival of Flowers at Providence Hospital. The class created a Ringo Starr scarecrow to be displayed in the Children's venue. Our scarecrow received "Best Use of Flowers."

The Duke Trip

The students had a great time aboard the Duke. The kids got to feed the sea gulls the catch of the day. After the lunch, we explored Ft. Gaines.

Crewe De La Cardinal Parade

Our class enjoyed watching the parade in the bitter cold. Each student caught enough throws to fill the new purple bags!

"Whooo is Ready for School

Are your book bags packed? Are your pencils sharpened? Are your uniforms pressed? If so, you are ready for an exciting year.

I have been getting ready myself. I attended the Mega Conference and a Go Math seminar during the summer to prepare for the new common core standards. The classroom has been cleaned and organized.

What else do we need? A good night sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a fantastic attitude! 

I can't wait to see you!



Each student was given a bag of colored chips. The student then made a tally table to record the number of each color of chip. During computer lab, the data was entered and a graph generated.

Auction Project

Each class was given a 16 by 20 canvas to paint for the A Night to Remember in Greece Auction. Our class is painting a dove using our fingerprints.

Reading, Spelling, and Mardi Gras

The class painted the spelling words for the week in Mardi Gras colors. After the paint dried, the class cut out a kimono. The class' reading story this week is Suki;s Kimono.

St. Vincnet de Paul

The students collected 92 items for the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The students also walked a mile.

Blessing of our Pets

We celebrated the feast day of St. Frances of Assisi by having our pets blessed.

Third Grade Play

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown Play



Seward Farms

Wow, what a beautiful day! The students had a great time!