Mrs. Sonia Nelson

I am the Physical Education/Health teacher. I have been at SPX for 19 years. My BS degree was attained from The University of South Alabama in Criminal Justice. I later went back to school, for teacher certification when my children were young. I have been married for 33 years. I have two grown children who live in Pike Road near Montgomery. They both attended St. Pius from preschool through eighth grade. I am an active member in ASAHPERD,  the state Physical Education Association. I also served on the state Board. I enjoy boating, swimming, arts and crafts and traveling. I strive to introduce students to as many activities as possible in hopes that they will have an interest sparked in a lifetime sport. I am the moderator of a traveling Jump Rope Team for the American Heart Association. We have been invited to both National and State level conferences to perform in Arkansas and Birmingham. I am also a recipient of the Future Fisherman Foundation grant to implement fishing into our curriculum.

Alabama Power visits SPX

Students in 4th and 5th grades were treated to a guest speaker from the Alabama Power Company on 9/10/14. The speaker educated the children on the "shocking truth" of electrical safety. Topics such as what to do in case of an electrical storm, how electricity  flows through conductors and what insulators are were addressed. He also discussed how your body can conduct electricity, and what to do if you find yourself in danger of down power lines. Very elaborate demonstrations were provided  for children, much to their amusement.

Welcome 2012


It is hard to believe that summer vacation is over! We are already in the routine of our class protocols. You can find us on campus- just listen for the loud noise and laughter!!!!!!! Throughout the school year we organize numerous field trips for the various grade levels. We host an annual bicycle rodeo for Pre-K4-3rd grade, the Crewe de La Cardinal Mardi Gras parade for the entire school, fishing trips and other fun-recreational trips. I am also the moderator of SPX traveling Jump Rope Team. Students in grades 3-8 can participate. We are sponsored by the American Heart Association. I look forward to working with you and your children this year. Please feel free to visit our classroom anytime!


Welcome to St.Pius! 2014-2015

Thank you for entrusting your child to St.Pius school. I look forward to an exciting year filled with fun and fitness. My goal is to provide every child with positive experiences involving physical skills, lifetime sport activities, and health. I have several fun field trips planned and well as numerous quest speakers scheduled. If ever I can be of assistance to you or you have questions please feel free to drop by our class. I always have an open door policy. Looking forward to working with your child this year!

Seward Farm

St. Pius students in grades Pre K4- 3rd  went on a field trip to Seward Farm. They were able to go through the corn maze, ride a cow train, pet farm animals, watch pig races, go on a hayride and even shoot a corn cannon.

We picniced, took lots of pictures and made many memories!!!!!!

Tennis Anyone?

The Mobile Tennis Center provided five teaching pros to come spend the day with students. The children received prompting on how to serve, court position, racquet handling etc. through out the day during PE class. Students were provided with a handout for availability of other tennis opportu nties in additionn to CYO. What a great opportunity we had!

Newly Created CYO Tennis

Students in PE classes got to experience first hand, tennis lessons with a pro. On Thursday and Friday of  last week, MobileTennis Center Pro, Scott Novak and Michael Krieider of Springhill College came to our school by invitation. They are helping promote the new CYO sanctioned sport. Information will be comming home today to explain the program and all that it entails. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


The SPX student body was entertained by a special assembly on Wednesday.The NED Show partners with schools to help improve student behavior, enrich instructional time, increase academic achievment and enhance the overall school climate. This is accompolished through the delivery of a yoyo trick performance, simple language, and hands on to ensure that the message lasts.  NED stands for Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. The PE Department will be selling yoyos until Thursday 9/5/13.

Welcome 2013-2014

What a difference a few months makes!!!! The anticipation and excitement of a new school year is contagious. Our school looks amazing. I can't wait for the reaction of our children when they see the newly refurbished and secure playground. I am so anxious to start this school year with your children. We have lots of fun, fit activities to promote a physically educated person. We hope to encourage a physically active lifestyle and enhance their level of physical fitness. We will practice respect for differences among us in a physically active setting and demonstrate an understanding for these differences. Last I want students to understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, it challenges self expression and social interaction. 

Hand Eye Coordination

The art of cup stacking was introduced in the elementary classes. Students got to practice hand eye coordination and then they will learn to gain speed. Cup stacking is now a very competitive sport.

Little Field Day

Students are practicing daily in preparation for class events. Children in grades 4-8 are also working hard to win their individual events in order to score a personal First, Second orThird place ribbon.  The format this year will be a little different. We have scaled back on the carnival atmosphere in order to focus on physical activities. We are sure the day will provide much enjoyment and entertainment for all. We look forward to all who choose to come out and cheer their child on.

Jump Rope Team Hard at Work

Students who recently completed Jump Rope for Heart are hard at work learning routines in hopes to be included on the next traveling trip  to Saraland Elementary School. Jumpers have been invited to conduct two performances in front of the student body of 761 children in grades PreK-3. On Oct. 22, eleven students traveled to Pensacola ,Fl. to perform at O.J.Semmes ElementarySchool. Jumpers who have mastered a basic routine and skills involving single ropes, double ropes and partner stunts work to share their talent and encourage other students to be heart healthy!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!!

April 24, 2013 St. Pius X Elementary School will head to the Bay Bears Stadium to experience a AA Minor League baseball game. After a few hours of concentrated academic work, we will board rented school busses  and picnic at the stadium prior to being seated for the first pitch at 11:30 AM. We are so happy to have quite a few parents going with us.


Third Grade Brings Christmas Spirit to Airport

The third grade students really brought Christmas spirit and joy to the Mobile Regional Airport on Friday, Dec 7. The P.E. Department decided to participate in the tree decorating contest sponsored by the airport. Since fishing is one of the "Life Sports" we teach, we thought it would be fun to use that as the theme for our tree. The students made ornaments at school and at home using little more than fabric scraps, cotton balls, tissue paper and lots of shells, sequins, glitter and construction paper. It was amazing to see all the creativity our children have. If you get a chance to visit the airport during the holidays, (until the New Year) we are on the second floor, just as you get off the escalator, to the right. "Hooked on Fishing" is our title. Also, there is a cash prize to be won-we will keep our fingers crossed. Judging is based on originality and creativity, which in both we excelled! The children, decked out in their holiday attire, sang Christmas carols for about 30-45 minutes with the accompaniment of our resident musician, Father Stephen Vrazel.  Be sure to check us out with the slide show presentation.

Fourth Annual Mardi Gras Parade Set to Roll

The fourth annual  St. Pius Crewe de la Cardinal parade is set to roll February 6, 2013. The theme is Community Helpers. Students will dress is various costumes depicting the Military, Doctors, Nurses, Police People, firemen and numerous other portrayls. Please make every effort to come out to support our school . You will also enjoy the festive music provided by the SPX Band. There will be plenty of throws for the young and old alike!

"On the Road Again"

The SPX Traveling Jump Rope Team hit the road on February 15, 2013 to perform as ambassadors for the American Heart Association. They did two performances at Corpus Christi School and one performance at Mobile Magnet (formerly known as Peter Joe Hamilton). As expected, they out did themselves. The audience was very enthusiastic. At the conclusion of the performance the audience was treated to the joy of jumping festival style with SPX performers.

Mardi Gras SPX Style

Crewe de La Cardinal  rolled throught the campus of SPX and on the streeets of Meadow Brook neighborhood on February 6, 2013.The Monarchs were  decked out in their finest. Queen Alexis Riley and King Zachary Bent ley reigned with grace and dignity.A good time was had by all the SPX family.

St.Pius X Royalty and Familities

 Queen Alexis Riley and King Zachary Bentley reigned over the 2013 MardiGras festivities.This honor was bestowed on them via the SPX auction of 2012 purchase by their parents. Please consider this as a great aquisition at this years Sham Rock and Roll for your child.

Mrs. Sonia Nelson